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Divorce laws in Pakistan

Divorce means Talak or separation.
After marriage the husband does not want to live with his wife or the wife does not want to live with her husband.
The first divorce lawyer prepares the divorce papers so that the divorce can be done legally There are three types to dissolution of Marriage.


In the first case, divorce is right of husband, he can use it any time of separation. It should be written according to Pakistani law. Otherwise, khula right of wife but she all go for claim of this right in Civil/family court. A divorce lawyer proves helpful in this. Divorce papers are prepared for the divorce


It is also known as delegated divorce. The husband has the power to delegate such power to the wife, he must be of sound mind and above 18 years of age. This type of talaq is also called an agreement, which may be entered between the parties before or after marriage.

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Divorce rate in Pakistan

In 2022, the courts have approved more than 6,000 divorces, while another 7,000 divorce petitions are pending before the court. According to this calculation, about 100-150 divorce cases are being filed in the courts every day.

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